What should a novice user know about an apartment water meter?

Are you planning to install a meter? Then now, thanks to our company ” Gidrotek “, you will learn about the benefits of having this device and many other useful information. Installing a meter is a profitable solution, because:

  • There is a fixation of the actually used amount of water without counting on the number of people living in the apartment, as in the case of normalized payment.
  • The actual consumption rate is often lower than the standard.

The savings provided by water meters are important not only for the family budget, but also for the environment, because water is a valuable natural resource!

Accounting for water consumption

To understand how accounting is performed, a novice user simply needs to look at the screen of the device. The first 5 digits are black. They denote cubic meters of water. The 3 red digits, which are placed after the black ones, show the used resource in liters. If you have installed a hot water meter and a cold water meter, you need to look at the first 5 digits to read the meter. They are transferred to the organization that supplies water.
The settlement period is 1 month. To calculate the readings, determine the difference between the indicators: for the last and current month. If Vodokanal makes calculations, you can check their accuracy by multiplying your figure by the tariff value for 1 cubic meter of water.

Warranty and maintenance of meters

Water meter companies offer a guarantee, and we are no exception. As a manufacturer of devices, we provide a two-year warranty. We also provide service, repair and calibration of our water meters within Ukraine throughout their service life.

Monitoring the operation of meters

The consumer must provide access to his home, where there is a meter, when a visit of a representative of the utility service provider is planned to take control readings. That is, it is necessary to agree on a schedule for monitoring the operation of the meter with an employee of Vodokanal or another organization that has the appropriate authority.
The meters also need to be checked periodically. The responsibility for the timeliness of such activities, as well as for maintenance and repair of installed devices rests with the owners.