GIDROTEK manufactures meters that are designed for measuring the volume of cold and hot water flowing through a pipeline.

Water meters are used to account the water, including commercial water, at public utility facilities.

GIDROTEK water meters have become one of the best offers on the market and have won the trust of millions Ukrainians.


GIDROTEK water meters are devices of the impeller type, most appropriate for domestic use and most popular on the market, because they are compact, non-volatile and have an affordable price. The principle of their action is simple: the flow of water drives the impeller, and from it the rotational motion is transmitted to the reference mechanism.

Why choose GIDROTEK?

Water meter must be reliable

Successful development, innovative modern equipment, properly calculated materials are the main components of a reliable water meter.

Water meter must be checked

Like all other measuring instruments, GIDROTEK water meters are tested at one of the production stages. Calibration interval is 4 years.

Water meter must be with a guarantee

GIDROTEK provides a two-year warranty and provides service maintenance, repair and verification of its water meters in the territory of Ukraine for the entire service life.

Water meter must be accurate

The equipment on which water meters are checked is certified by the State Standard of Ukraine and regular scheduled calibrations are carried out.

Water meter should be with a simple principle of action

The flow of water drives the impeller, and from it the rotational motion enters the counting mechanism. GIDROTEK meters can be mounted on horizontal as well as vertical pipelines, without the need for long straight sections before and after the device.