Cold water meter

Price when ordering up to 500 pieces:
455 грн
Price when ordering from 500 pieces:
420 грн
Minimum order of 20 pieces.
Terms of payment:
  • payment only by bank transfer.
Delivery terms:
  • delivery is carried out by the carrier "New mail". Shipping cost according to carrier tariffs.
  • shipment at own expense in Kiev, st. Collector 3.
Description and specifications
  • Vane ET 1.6-U
  • Able to record water temperatures up to 40 ° C
  • Intertesting interval – 4 years
  • Maximum working pressure – 10 bar
  • Hydrotech provides a four-year warranty
  • Compact, non-volatile and affordable
  • Mounted vertically (class A) and horizontally (class B)

Water is the most valuable of the natural resources needed by man for a full life. Today, its supply is established to every home. Want to lower your utility bills?

Gidrotek cold water meter

Account accurately for the consumption of your water consumption.
Optimize costs by reducing utility bills.
Get rid of unnecessary hassle by saving your time.
The manufacturer of water meters Gidrotek offers to purchase and install reliable equipment that meets the requirements of modernity and safety.

Unique features of meters

The model belongs to the wing type ET 1, 6-U. With this meter you can keep accurate records of water consumption at temperatures up to +40 degrees (ie most of the liquid consumed). You need to trust it once every 4 years, which is very convenient. For convenience of recognition on a board of the counter blue marking is put. The readings are easy to read and the error is minimized.
The equipment has the increased reliability, maintains the maximum working pressure to 10 bar. The principle of its connection is very simple: it is enough to install the counter on the inlet pipeline. The device does not require electricity and other additional resources. We offer to buy the water meter at the favorable price directly on our website. It is a compact and reliable device that can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position.