Why choose GIDROTEK


In order to save water and money, you need an aware partner who can provide high-quality and precise equipment for metering the amount of consumed water.
GIDROTEK water meter is a result of 15 years of innovative technologies, enhancements and experiences.


Our work meets all the requirements of quality: GIDROTEK has certificates of conformity of measuring equipment. During the years of its work GIDROTEK has earned a good reputation among Ukrainians.
GIDROTEK water meters have been tested by time and customers.


Your savings - our main task.
Nowadays, the main task of the manufacturer GIDROTEK is the production of reliable, more precise and durable water meters using modern technology.
Water meters GIDROTEK are recognized as one of the best ways to save water, which significantly reduces the monthly utility costs.


Every year we improve and refine our products to meet the needs and requirements of our customers.
GIDROTEK strives to provide a high level of customer service and high quality products that will be available to every buyer.


The production of GIDROTEK is a combination of Ukrainian production potential and centuries-old experience of German partners.
The development of water meters was carried out with the participation of leading producer in Germany. In Ukraine, these ideas are implemented by our company GIDROTEK.
Cooperation with German partners has made a significant contribution to manufacturing technology and has set high requirements for the quality of components in accordance with European standards.
The result of such cooperation is the GIDROTEK water meter of high quality materials and with a long lifetime.

About us

Advantages of GIDROTEK

Provides a four-year warranty on GIDROTEK cold and hot water meters
Provides warranty and post-warranty service
Each water meter is initially calibrated as one of the stages of production.
Service and checking is carried out on equipment certified by the State standard of Ukraine.


GIDROTEK produces reliable water meters, which are used to measure the amount of cold and hot water in apartments, houses and other premises of domestic use.
Depending on the purpose, the meters have different colored icons on the billing mechanism panel.
In the horizontal position, the meters correspond to B class.
In the upright position, the meters correspond to A class.
GIDROTEK water meters can be mounted in horizontal or in vertical position.
GIDROTEK is committed to provide a high level of customer service and high quality products.