Hot water meter

Price when ordering up to 500 pieces:
455 грн
Price when ordering from 500 pieces:
420 грн
Minimum order of 20 pieces.
Terms of payment:
  • payment only by bank transfer.
Delivery terms:
  • delivery is carried out by the carrier "New mail". Shipping cost according to carrier tariffs
  • shipment at own expense in Kiev, st. Collector 3.
Description and specifications
  • Vane ET 1.6-U
  • Able to record water temperatures up to 40 ° C
  • Intertesting interval – 4 years
  • Maximum working pressure – 10 bar
  • Hydrotech provides a four-year warranty
  • Compact, non-volatile and affordable
  • Mounted vertically (class A) and horizontally (class B)

Do you have a fully centralized water supply, and do you want to keep accurate records of resource costs? The manufacturer of water meters Gidrotek offers to order special equipment that can save you money.

Gidrotek hot water meters

Long warranty (4 years from the date of purchase).
High reliability of indicators (error is minimized).
Ability to withstand high operating pressure (up to 10 bar).
Buy a hot water meter on favorable terms for careful control of liquid consumption, and save your money every month!

Unique features of meters

The hot water meter is easy to distinguish from a similar cold water meter by its bright red markings. This device is capable of measuring hot water consumption, temperatures up to +90 degrees, to the nearest thousandths.
It should be believed once every 4 years, which is very convenient. Due to its small size and absolute energy independence, the device can be installed anywhere in the bathroom or kitchen. We offer to buy the water meter with delivery on our website in the necessary quantity, having received a quality guarantee.