About water meter verification

Water meters allow you to pay only for the used cold and hot water. You can regulate and control the amount of water you use. If there is a meter of water in the apartment or house, then in the bill will be indicated the sum only for the used water, but there is a very important condition – the controlling authority should be sure in the reality of the indicators. So, it is necessary to check water meters on time.

What is verification of water meters and how often is it necessary to do it will be discussed in this article.

The entire communal sphere is regulated by legislation. Various acts and regulations specify the duties and rights of suppliers and consumers of utilities. In particular, they indicate that consumers should monitor the correct work of water meters and verify them on time.

A water meter is a complex measuring device that eventually wears out and is influenced by external factors such as wear of materials, foreign elements in water, etc., which change its metrological characteristics, so the device can display inaccurate data. It is important to note that a meter that is not checked within the specified time limit may show incorrect data, both in favor of the consumer and against it.

The assertion that the measurement accuracy of the water meter has not changed because the device has passed a small amount of water is false.

The volume of water is not the main factor of deterioration of metrological characteristics of meters is not the volume of water. The time of usage and the conditions in which the device operates influence most of all.

Specially authorized bodies must check water meters with certain periodicity and compare the data with the parameters of the reference instruments in order to make sure that the meter provides the necessary accuracy. This action is called verification of water meters.

There are limits of accuracy in the passport of each water meter: if a large measurement error during the verification is detected, it is considered that the meter has not passed the verification. If everything is within the limits of the norm, then the device can be operated further – up to the next verification.

The frequency of verification of meters is regulated at the legislative level – by municipal and territorial laws. Also this period is indicated in the documents on the meter – in the passport of the device that the manufacturer provides.

Verification of metering devices is carried out by both public and private enterprises that have the appropriate equipment and permission. State Enterprise “Ukrmetrteststandard” performs the functions of the Main Center of the State Metrology Service of Ukraine and is responsible for preserving the uniformity of measurements in such an important area as accounting of natural resources. The enterprise has a powerful test base for testing water meters and calibration of equipment.

Verification of water meters is done in two ways:

  • In a laboratory at stationary pouring installations;
  • Directly in the owner’s apartment.

The first method of verification involves the dismantling of meters, which the customer must deliver to the organization’s address.

The second method of verification is carried out by specialists of the enterprise using a portable pouring installation directly at the site of operation of the meters.