Punishment for interfering with the operation of the water meter

Water meters from our company “Gidrotek” are installed throughout Ukraine, so we want them to be used without illegal actions. Users themselves should be interested in this. Accidental violation of the rules of accounting for the provided resource threatens the consumer only by transferring the cost of services.
Another thing is intentional actions that led to the unauthorized consumption of water due to its incorrect metering and interfere to water meters work. Such violations threaten administrative liability in the form of a warning or a fine.

The amount of the warning fine for interfering with the operation of the water meter

Administrative fines may be imposed on users – individuals and legal entities, in particular, for unauthorized consumption of the supplied resource without a hot water meter and cold water meter, if this accounting is mandatory.

Fines applied as a substitute for the warning range from 170 to 850 UAH for citizens and up to 1360 UAH for business leaders. It should be noted that from August 2, 2020, this will be the responsibility for consumers who do not have time to install water meters by that date.

Penalty for intentional actions aimed at incorrect water metering

Looking for the cheapest meter? You will find it in our catalog. After installing the device, remember the need to preserve its integrity, regular checks and control of meters by Vodokanal employees. Sufficiently strict administrative liability awaits consumers who:

  • The water meter is damaged.
  • Incorrect readings were given.
  • Used devices to change data.
  • Obstructed the work of the responsible person by blocking access to the public meter in the house.

Violators are fined from fifty to two hundred non-taxable minimum incomes. Punishment cannot be avoided by officials either. For them, the fine ranges from two hundred to two hundred and fifty non-taxable minimum incomes. Therefore, we advise you to pay attention to our production of water meters and its products – it can be found in the catalog.