Calibration and verification of water meters: what’s the difference?

Some water meter users confuse the terms “calibration” and “verification”. But it’s not the same thing. If you have a water meter and want to learn in detail the intricacies of monitoring its operation, we suggest you understand the terminology.

Calibration of water meters: what is it and how is it carried out?

Calibration is a procedure that confirms the meter’s ability to correctly record the amount of water consumed. It is carried out with the help of special equipment, and the usual periodicity of verification – 1 time in 4 years. The timing of verification is set by the manufacturer of water meters.
For example, if you have a water meter manufactured by Gidrotek at home, you can see the verification period in the meter passport.

Note that the calibration must be timely, because if the meter has not been calibrated before the end of the interval between calibration intervals, the water meter begins to be considered failed, and the indicators themselves – invalid.

Verification is performed by City water work department or another company that has a license to carry out such an event. At the time of meter verification, the payment for the water supply service will be equal to the average payment for the last 3 months. If the appliance has not been calibrated, the water meter must be purchased again and all installation and sealing requirements must be met.

The meaning and features of the inspection of water meters

Functional check – inspection of the device for damage and interference in its operation by foreign objects to change the indicators to a lesser extent.
During the inspection, the meter readings are recorded for comparison with those readings that are transmitted to the company supplying water.

The inspection is carried out by a City water work department specialist who has the appropriate authority. Even if you have the best meter, its serviceability should be monitored. The check reveals the following:

  • Correct operation of the device.
  • Integrity of the meter and seals.
  • Not connected to the device by other unauthorized devices.

The date of the specialist’s visit to check the water meter must be agreed with City water work department.