Calculation of the used volume of water according to commercial and distribution accounting

There is a Law of Ukraine that regulates the calculation of the volume of water used. It was adopted on June 7, 2018. This is the Law “On Commercial Accounting for Heat and Water Supply”. According to Art. 1, water meters, which record the amount of resource consumed, are divided into 2 categories:

  1. Commercial metering units – are common house devices that provide metering of the consumed resource in the house or separately in the entrance. Such metering unit has a separate engineering input. The meter is mounted on the property boundary, which establishes the boundary of the network distribution between the supplier company – city water work department – and the owner of the building or its co-owners. The boundary is usually at the cut of the outer wall in the case of an apartment building, and at the connection of the entrance to the street in the case of private houses.
  2. Distribution metering units – apartment meter, for example, Gidrotek brand. Thanks to this device there is a personal accounting of water consumption in the building, where there are two or more users.

Determining the amount of resource consumed is regulated by Section III of the same article – “Calculations for utilities based on commercial accounting.”

Rules for calculating the amount of consumed resources

The amount of water consumed by the occupants of the house is determined in accordance with the readings of the commercial metering unit. There are the following nuances:

  • If a certain amount of water has been used to irrigate flower beds and lawns, as well as to clean porches and other locations used by all residents, the amount of resources distributed among consumers will be reduced. The difference is equal to the amount spent on these needs of the house. This volume is determined by the readings recorded by the relevant water meters, wholesale such devices, by the way, can be purchased on our website. The minimum order is 20 units.
  • If the apartment of each consumer has a water meter, the entire volume of resources consumed in the building is distributed among consumers in accordance with the volume of consumption on the indicators of meters, according to Art. 10 h.2. This is without taking into account the water that was taken for the common needs of the residents of the building.
  • According to Article 10 Part 3, 3, if none of the apartments in the house has a meter, the entire amount of resources will be divided between consumers in proportion to the number of people who use the services provided. So it is better to order a water meter so as not to pay for the service of supplying an indispensable resource for other people.
  • For Art. 10 h.3; 4, if one part of the premises of the house has water meters, and the other is not equipped with them, there are two rules. The amount of water consumed by people in rooms that have meters is equal to the size determined by the readings of the devices. The total amount of water consumed by users in the building is distributed among those whose premises do not have meters. The calculation is made in proportion to the number of people who actually use the provided water.

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