Can I install a water meter on my own?

According to the legislation of Ukraine, self-installation of water meters is not prohibited, but several important nuances need to be considered:

  • You need to buy a water meter only in licensed companies, which together with the device will give you a passport.
  • To install the meter, it is necessary to shut off the water supply for a while in the entire riser, so it is impossible to do it without the involvement of the housing and communal services.
  • You assume full responsibility if the water meter is not installed correctly.

If you decide to install the water meter by yourself, then you need to proceed as follows:

  1. Contact the local water utility, where you must provide technical requirements for the water meter.
  2. Choosing a water meter, which must have a passport and a seal.
  3. Checking the water meter is carried out in the local water utility, housing and communal services or in a private licensed organization.
  4. Select the location of the water meter. Typically, the water meter is installed as close as possible to the place where the trunk is inserted into the room.
  5. Installation of a water meter.
  6. Check the operation of the meter. To do this, turn on the water and slowly turn off the tap. If water does not leak and the meter is working properly, then the installation was successful.
  7. The call of the specialist who must check the correctness of the installation has been carried out, will make the corresponding entries in the technical passport and put the seal. After that, your device is considered commissioned, and you will pay for the water according to the meters.