Am I obliged to install water meter?

Since August 2, 2017 in Ukraine, the Law on the commercial accounting of thermal energy and water supply came into effect. Under this law, companies providing water supply should install water meters in each apartment building. For installation of meters for hot and cold water in non-residential premises, one year is allocated, that is, until August 2, 2018. For the equipment of residential buildings, two years are allocated – until August 2, 2019.

The obligation to install water meters does not apply to buildings that receive water from autonomous sources – wells.

Operators of water supply networks are obliged not later than two months to notify the owners of premises about the intention to instal water meters, and also must inform about the cost of installation, details and payment procedure. Within two months after receiving the notice, the owners of the premises have the right:

  • To agree to the proposed conditions for installing the meter;
  • To offer others variamnt of a counter installation;
  • To set the counter by themselves.

If the owners of the premises do not react in any way to the message from the operator, then according to the Law the Operator of water supply networks starts installation of meters without the consent of the owner. If the owner of the premises offers other conditions of establishment or expresses the intention to do this on his own, but within four months does not take any action, the network operator can install the meters without the consent of the owner.

If the owner prevents the installation of water meters, the operator of the water supply network is granted a license to install in a judicial procedure.