Who pays for the installing of water meters?

According to the Law of Ukraine “About Commercial Accounting for Thermal Energy and Water Supply”, each apartment building that uses centralized water supply must necessarily be equipped with meters for hot and cold water. After the approval of this law, many owners of premises have questions about counter which will be elected, who will install and pay for services, who owns the device. In this article we want to answer all the above questions.

Who chooses a water meter? Operators of the water supply network must notify the owners of the premises about the intention to install water meters within two months. The network operator informs the owners about the type and manufacturer of the water meter, the cost of its installation and payment terms. Separately, the Law specifies that the network operator has no right to impose his own devices to the owner. The owner of a room or apartment, if desired, can independently choose a water meter and require its installation.

Who pays for the cost of the water meter? It was the issue that caused the most discussion. As a result, it was decided that consumers of services (owners of premises) will pay for the device and the services for its installing.

Who is involved in the installation? According to the Law, the operator of external engineering networks installs a water meter, however, if desired, the owner of the premises can install the meter himself.

Who and how will pay for the installation of water meters? The installation of meters will be paid by consumers of cold and hot water, that is, the owners of apartments and premises. Payment is made by paying the performer a special fee. If the owner installs a water meter on his own – he/she does not pay such a contribution.

Also, the Law provides for the possibility of local governments to pay for the installation of water meters. So if the authority decides to allocate money from the municipal budget, then consumers and owners of premises will not have to pay for the installation.

The amount of installation fees for counters is determined separately for each house. The amount for installing meters is divided into all owners in accordance with the quadrature and this amount is divided by 5 years (another period is possible, with the consent of the two parties).

Who owns the installed water meter? According to the law, water meters are owned by the owner of the mug or building. If local authorities paid for the cost of equipment houses, then in this case the water meters belong to the owner of the common property of the house.